Established in 1929, Enka Village is a historic community on the west side of Asheville, North Carolina. The neighborhood began as a mill village in conjunction with the nearby American Enka plant. The homes are now privately owned but retain the original architectural detail and community spirit of the mill village.  The neighborhood was planned and laid out by Harold Brown Swope, a landscape architect trained under the Olmstead firm with experience at the Biltmore Estate, in the philosophy of the Garden City Movement.  His scheme consisted of curvilinear streets with discrete sectors for various functions.  The majority of the houses were designed by Lockwood, Greene & Co. while the houses on Lake Drive and three on Hillcrest were designed by Asheville architect William Waldo Dodge, Jr. , who was known for his residential work in Biltmore Forest.  The houses are rendered in various brick styles including Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial, Tudor Revival, and American Foursquare.  The village originally had a clubhouse, a filling station, a fire station, a commercial block, and a church, plus recreational facilities and parks; many of which still exist.  Today Enka Village is believed to be one of the only fully intact mill villages in the state.

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